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Snowboard Helmet for local Dead Head!

Snowboard Helmet for local Dead Head!

Jordan Wood is very passionate about snowboarding, the mountains and of course... Grateful Dead! On his custom helmet I wanted to portray his love of mountains and the outdoors as if the Grateful Dead skull was opened up and you are looking into its' brains and deep within is the Grateful Dead Dream World. A bear dancing through magical world of tie dye & colors, i then wrapped a lyric from the Grateful Dead that Jordan requested to see on the helmet.." Heads All Empty But I Don't Care" 

I introduce to you the "IB Grateful" Helmet.

Internal Bakery's 1st Mural Opportunity!!!

Internal Bakery's 1st Mural Opportunity!!!

Wow what an incredible experience IB had at the Small Business Fair in Peyton, CO!

It was a miracle, my booth placement for the fair was next store to Liberty Tax Services!!

Before the fair kicked off, I got the opportunity to meet the Owners of Liberty Tax and get an understanding for what it is they do and what it was Jeremy & Beth were promoting. 


During the fair I got talking with Jeremy about what it is Internal Bakery Co. does as a business.


IB Octopus Design- Hand Painted Longboard

Internal Bakery Co. met a rather passionate and outgoing person at the business fair in Peyton, CO. for Small Businesses.Start of Custom Longboard

Samantha is a very ambitious Long-boarder who strives to find happiness in the outdoor lifestyle here in Colorado. Samantha asked IB to create an octopus graphic that incorporated her love for the ocean. Samantha's culture uses bright, and vibrant colors in their everyday life, so I kept that in mind when painting the design!

Here is the process and Final Turnout of Samantha's Custom Hand Painted Longboard Deck!


Internal Bakery's First Business Fair = Success!

Small Business Fair at Woodmen Valley Rec. Center in Peyton, Colorado. The event was a perfect local show to participate in , I got a lot of great feedback and compliments on the brand! 

Thank you all for the support and motivation to attend more fairs in the future!! 

Congrats to Karen for Winning the Signed IB Skate Deck !!

Internal Bakery Co, Booth

IB Hand Painted Snowboard! 


Reppin' Internal Bakery Co.

Raffle for a Signed Internal Bakery Skate Deck!

Shout out to...

Quick Release BMX Edit with IB's Rider: Nick Mitchell!

All the way out from Fremantle, Australia Nick Mitchell throws down at BMX biking!! Be sure to follow him @_nickmitchell_