IB Enters Local Board Shop!!!!

Tomorrow is Internal Bakery's BIG Day!!!!!!

It is amazing to look back and see the progression IB has made since I first started pushing the brand!!!! Yes, art has always been my passion in life, but I never knew how to pursue it until I started building IB in college. There it became an image, with a logo and mission. Quickly, IB became a mission in my life that I couldn't stop thinking about and knew it was my calling!!! Since last year I have built this brand from the ground up, inspiring to create a brand where I could incorporate my passion for art with outdoor enthusiasts!! IB has taken a giant leap over the past year and it has been an amazing journey!!! I thank all my family and friends who have believed in me and the brand helping to get IB to where it is today,
Thank you all:)

Tomorrow, July 1st Internal Bakery is going to be featured in the local shop: Hoyal Board Co. here in Colorado Springs!!!! (behind REI)

-1246 E Woodmen Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 -

Please go check out our setup and Apparel!!!! I put my heart and passion into this dream and it would be amazing to see it continue to grow!!!!!

Support Local!!!!

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