About the Brand

My name is Zachary Ray.

NATIVE of Colorful Colorado.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO... I quickly gained a love for the outdoors. Through nature, Art became my greatest passion in life. Clouds, rocks and trees have always inspired my imagination to create abstract art. The line work and colors in Mother Nature motivate me and my love for the outdoors!

Art has always been my passion in life. I began building Internal Bakery Co. in college where I received my Degree in Ski & Snowboard Business at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, CO. There, Internal Bakery transformed from an idea to an image; with a logo and mission. IB quickly became my mission in life, I could not stop thinking about the mission and knew it was my calling!!! Since 2014, I have created IB from the ground up, inspired to create a brand where I could incorporate my passion for art with outdoor enthusiasts!! Internal Bakery Co. has grown a lot as a brand & I thank all my family and friends who have believed in me and my passion for Art!


-Zachary Ray

“Art For Outdoor Enthusiasts”